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Premium autolock box
with automatic bottom and double adhesive closure
Suitable for shipping all kinds of items.

ColomPac®’s secure self-adhesive closure saves time and additional packaging material

With integrated tear-off strip for quick and easy

Special Z-fold on lid for increased stability and protection from unwanted finger

Eurobox boxes white

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CP 155.155 mini golf speedlock boxes size 184x149x127 mm white
CP 155.255 mini golf cardboard speedlock boxes size 306x186x127 mm
CP 155.356 mini golf cardboard speedlock boxes size 389x324x160 mm
CP 155.456 mini golf cardboard speedlock boxes size 389x324x320 mm
CP 164.242510 size 231x239x95 mm, Fashion box NEW!!!
Colompac Fashion box CP 164.453814 size 445x379x130 mm
Colompac fashion box CP 164.453819 size 445x379x195 mm Shipping box system in 4 sizes , which may show itself. Ideal…
cp 164.453890 size 445x379x80 mm, Fashion box NEW!!!