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Big, fast and safe -Euroboxes XL -when size matters
CP 154 XL
Base area 600 × 400 mm, various heights and a universal lid, easily fixed with ColomPac® adhesive closure. That’s today’s shipping!

Basic dimension 600 × 400 mm, so ideal for stacking on the Europallet
In 3 different heights: 100, 200 and 300 mm
Quickly set up by Twinboxmatic.
High stability thanks to double corrugated cardboard and additional stacking corners
A lid to fit all sizes.
With ColomPac® self-adhesive closure and tear strip
If desired with individual printing on the inside and outside
Safe from theft and manipulation.


Clothing boxes

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CP 154.604010 cardboard box size 570x382x94 mm lid must be ordered separately!
CP 154.604020 euro box size 563x382x191 mm lid must be ordered separately!
CP 154.604030 cardboard euro box size 563x382x282 mm Don't forget to order your lid separately!!!
CP 164.242510 size 231x239x95 mm, Fashion box NEW!!!
Colompac Fashion box CP 164.453814 size 445x379x130 mm
Colompac fashion box CP 164.453819 size 445x379x195 mm Shipping box system in 4 sizes , which may show itself. Ideal…
cp 164.453890 size 445x379x80 mm, Fashion box NEW!!!
CP 154.604001 corrugated cardboard LID for euro box 577x389x97mm this is just the lid!