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Colompac fashion box CP 164.453890

cp 164.453890 size 445x379x80 mm, Fashion box NEW!!!



Colompac fashion box CP 164.453890

Shipping box system in 4 sizes , which may show itself. Ideal for textile shipping.

  • Attractive presentation of your items in a special fashion box
  • High advertising effect thanks to large printing areas on the inside and outside
  • Glued visible edges and US safetycut
  • Quick and easy to set up due to pre-glued 6-point solution
  • ColomPac® self-adhesive closure and tear strip
  • Reusable thanks to loose lid and optional return closure
  • Suitable for conveyors due to the flat bottom
  • FSC® certified and climate neutral

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  • Dimensions:
    38.9 × 32.4 × 16 cm