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Letterbox boxes

Economical shipping solution for maxi and large letters -The Postage Optimized Courier Package

Suitable for shipping products up to Din A4
With double ColomPac® self-sealing at both ends for fast assembly without addition packaging materials
With integrated tear open strip for fast and easy opening
Four different formats up to DIN A4, tailored to the dimensions of the parcel service.

Letterbox boxes

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Cheap a5 letterbox boxes size 260x170x28 mm with strip closure How big can my package be
Affordable A4 Letterbox boxes with adhesive strip whitelabel mini corrugated cardboard letterbox box size 250x350x28mm with strip closure and perforation…
CP 65.52 mini corrugated cardboard Letterbox box size 139x216x29mm note due to the thickness of 29 mm + flaps that…
CP 65.55 mini corrugated cardboard letter box size 244x344x15 mm mailbox
CP 65.56 mini corrugated cardboard letterbox box size 244x344x45mm mailbox
CP 65.59 mini corrugated cardboard letterbox box size 244x344x28mm mailbox