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Colompac Book Packaging White

Double holds better

The flexible universal shipping packaging
Suitable for books, gifts, catalogs, hardware and software, printing, games and more.

Colompac book packaging white

The secure ColomPac® self-adhesive closure saves time and additional locking devices An additional ColomPac® self-adhesive closure prevents lateral larceny With integrated tear strip for quick and easy opening Variable filling height up to 92 mm Logistical advantage due to E-wave Easy to use due to center filling

Surrounding edge and corner protection

Colompac Book Packaging White

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CP 37.54 mini corrugated cardboard book packaging size 350x260x-70 mm
Colompac book-universal packaging white CP 37.52 B5 CP 37.52 mini golf cardboard book packaging size250x190x-75 mm
CP 37.53 mini golf cardboard book packaging size 305x230x-92 mm